Buddhism is now the fastest-growing Eastern religion in the West. Over the past century, the Buddhist teachings have taken root in the Western culture. Many great teachers have worked hard to translate these teachings and practices into English and into forms that are accessible to Westerners.

Currently in the United States, there are many Christian TV channels that broadcast Christian programs for the Judeo-Christian faith. However there is still no specific Buddhist specific TV channel. In order to quench the thirst of Buddhism in the West, BTN WORLD was founded in September 2008 in Los Angeles, California, as the only efficient, practical and realistic entity in which a full 24 hour operated Buddhist and traditional Asian culture specific media outlet and to serve as a cross cultural bridge between all adherents of the Buddha Dharma.

Through the establishment of BTN WORLD, we hope to foster the transformation of human minds and society, to promote and to stimulate compassion for all sentient beings; and to bring forth a sense of global community.

BTN WORLD Distinctives

· BTN WORLD features variety of inspirational and original Buddhist contents that crosses over all sects of Buddhism.
· BTN WORLD is supported by World Renowned Buddhist masters and teachers across the globe.
· BTN WORLD is the cross cultural bridge between all adherents of the Buddha Dharma all over the world.


BTN WORLD is a non profit Buddhist contents provider supported entirely by donations, and we need your continuing support. We sincerely appreciate any financial support at all levels.