Board Members



There are many important figures who have expressed their gratitude and excitement in the establishment of an English Buddhist TV network, and have enthusiastically accepted board position to BTN WORLD. We are genuinely and sincerely grateful for all participation of our board members and their generosity and enthusiasm in lending their names to BTN WORLD. Together, we plan to build a respectable, and honest network that provides reliable and authentic Buddhist and Buddhist-related contents; and transparent information to all that are interested.

  • Venerable Hyongak sunim
  • Ji Do Poep Sa Nim (Guide to the Way)of the Kwan Um School of Zen
  • Michael Lang
  • Co-creator of the Woodstock Music & Art Festival 1969 Musical concert promoter, producer and artistic manager


BTN WORLD is a non profit Buddhist contents provider supported entirely by donations, and we need your continuing support. We sincerely appreciate any financial support at all levels.